Phone: (575) 574-5114

Data Techs

NM DATA Group Members

Debbi Maldonado
WNMU SilverCity

Dina Dominguez

Donna Montoya

Aida Lopez

Tanya Templeton
NMSU Carlsbad

Veronica Hernandez
NMSU Alamogordo

Kameron Peterson
NMSU Donna Ana

Data Quality

NEW - Student Data Trend Report (37kb Excel spreadsheet)

Data Audit Process (172kb pdf)

Data Audit Spreadsheet (41kb Excel spreadsheet)

Desk Monitoring Tool (242kb Excel spreadsheet)

Desk Monitoring Tool Instructions (983kb Word doc)

Data Tech Goals

  • Improve Data Integrity:
Each program achieves 70% accuracy on Data Audits. State Office will send data audit results for tracking/monitoring to Tanya Dupue,

  • Achieve 100% Data Tech NRS Certification by 12/31/08 :
Data Techs will send copies of their NRS certificates, or summary reports, to NM DATA

  • Improve Communications:
Between NM DATA and Data Techs (to be tracked through NM DATA surveys). Between Data Techs and Directors and Teachers (to be tracked at the program level); Orientation to be given by the Data Tech. 90% Data Techs use NMAEA Data Forum (to be tracked by NM DATA). Training to increase skills and knowledge among Data Techs; ex: Data terminology and Queries (tool: NMAEA Data Forum). Apprenticeship Program for new Data Techs (committee to lead effort: Aida Lopez, Donna Harvey, Melody Simpson, Rosemary Johnston, Tanya T-Depue, Debbie Maldonado) *As a courtesy, Program Directors will contact State Office (Harrison) when a new Data Tech is hired. Online Surveys to determine Data Tech training needs (owner: NM DATA)