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New Mexico State Legislature

The best way to contact your NM state legislators is by sending regular mail.

If you feel that your USPS mail might not reach your legislator in time to make a difference, you can, in addition to sending regular mail, fax your state legislator at 505-986-4610. Make sure that you clearly identify the recipient of your fax.

If you're not sure who your state legislators are or you don't know their addresses or phone numbers, you can find out here:
NM State Representatives (29kb pdf)
NM State Senators (20kb pdf)

If you don't know your district or your Legislators, you can find them from your street address and your full 9-digit Zip Code. This link will even find your Zip Code for you. It's near the bottom of the page.

Look Up Which Are Your Legislators

Find bills via the NM State Legislature Bill Finder

Finally, this page is just a pointer to the very useful site which has a very difficult to remember URL.

United States Congress

To contact US Senators and Representatives from New Mexico use the links below:
New Mexico US Senators
New Mexico US Representatives

NM House Of Representatives
Standing Committees

Appropriations & Finance

NM Senate
Standing Committees


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