Phone: (575) 574-5114


The New Mexico Children, Youth and Family Department
Prevention, intervention, rehabilitative and after-care services to New Mexico children and their families.

New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions
Unemployment Insurance, Workforce Training, Find a Job, Labor Market, Veterans Connection.

New Mexico Human Services Department
Income Support, Medical Assistance, Behavioral Health, Grant Opportunities.

State of New Mexico GED Program Office & Services

New Mexico Public Education GED Transcript Request (33kb Word doc)

Famous GED Graduates

Ben Nighthorse Campbell - U.S. Senator
Bill Cosby - Actor and Comedian
Chris Rock - Comedian and Actor
Dave Thomas - Founder of "Wendy's"
Jim Florio - Former Governor of NJ
John Montgomery - Singer
Judge Greg Mathis - Judge and TV host
Mary Lou Retton - Olympic Gold Medalist
Michael J. Fox - Actor

Peter Jennings - News Anchor
Richard Carmona - 17th US Surgeon General
Ruth Ann Minner - Delaware State Senator, Governor
Tommy Nunez - NBA Referee
Vikki Carr - Singer
Wally Amos - Founder of "Famous Amos" Cookie Company
Walter Anderson - Editor of "Parade" Magazine
Waylon Jennings - Country Singer